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Dr. D. Pallavi Profile

Dr. Pallavi Dasyam

Interventional Pain Specialist

About Dr. Pallavi Dasyam

Dr. Pallavi Dasyam is a renowned Interventional Pain specialist in Hyderabad, India and has done her fellowship in Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine. With over a decade’s experience treating people suffering from chronic pain, Dr. Pallavi Dasyam brings to the field of Pain Management pioneered holistic treatment techniques.

Dr. Pallavi Dasyam utilises her background in Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management in comprehensively diagnosing and treating her patients with a holistic approach keeping in mind the end goal, which is the complete restoration of function and improvement in the quality of life.

Dr. Pallavi Dasyam enjoys helping patients with pain related to degenerative changes, physical injury or trauma and eliminating or prolonging the need for surgery. Alternatively, she can also help patients who have already undergone surgery but continue to have residual pain. She also enjoys utilising the latest technologies in regenerative medicine as additional tools in helping her patients.


3rd Floor, KKR Commercial Complex Kukatpally Y Junction, Moosapet Road Hyderabad, Telangana 500 072